For the application I will be using Aptana 3 as my IDE. I have used gedit but I want to wallow around in something that makes me feel more professional. I will be using PYGTK to handle my GUI needs. I would like to approach this using MVC methods. I suppose I should start with my model first. Any ideas?

I Love Python

I Love Python. I am new to programming. So how can I love python? Firstly I am a Gnu/Linux user. Linuxmint is my current love. I have been an advocate for opensource use for a decade now. I have loathed MS products for years now. I cannot comprehend how people can live in that world. I believe that opensource represents the single greatest opportunity to self improvement in individuals, in communities and in the world at large. In it lies self empowerment. I have taught myself how to set up Apache webservers, email servers and many other useful sevices freely available on the linux platform.  I can work with PHP, HTML & others . These are things I have taught myself. Now I want to code applications. I have dabbled for a few years now. My procrastination must end now. I have a little project that I will begin in earnest. Python is my chosen language. It is better for me to love it than hate it. I live in Bermuda where many businesses and our Government only knows about Windows. My desire to save people money and grief is a challenging one. I have a few clients that have switched. I intend to increase that total this year.

My project will be GPL'd. I will give it away to clients. If they want it. Currently they are paying thousands per year for seat licences. That needs to end. I will only want to be paid for my time to install ( if required.)

I will need help along the way.  I Love Python.


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